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Sweet Gale for making ale. History and folklore

 popularly bog myrtle
 Bog Myrtle sprig

The Vikings knew all about Sweet gale, they used to drink a brew before going into berserk battle with their customary frenzy. They believed the brew gave them extra strength and the madness in battle, but we think it's likely it was other substances they took that put them into this reckless but happy state of mind. The small leaves were often used in Scottish cooking in olden times, and some high class restaurants prepare fish and chicken dishes particualrly when it's young and in season, or dried at other times, though its culinary uses are now sadly quite rare. It is used in traditional gruit ales, where it is a replacement for hops as a bittering agent. There are breweries that use it to make a sweet heather ale, and some home or small brewers do the same according to their own handed down recipe, though unless they have sweet gale growing nearby they find it difficult to buy dried, and probably impossible to buy fresh. It's got a very pleasant and different taste to regular ales, even real ales, and if you're lucky you'll find a heather ale on your supermarket shelves, as well as on tap in a surprising number of pubs in Scotland. With the growth of craft ales, brewers are increasingly using sweet gale. Some distilleries use it in gin, and even whisky.

 Bog Myrtle sprig

Sweet Gale, or bog myrtle as it's more commonly known, has been used traditionally as a midge, flea and other insect repellent, and we used to make our very popular midge repellent with it. More information is on bogmyrtle.com. Its botanical or latin name is Myrica Gale; myricagale.com gives botanical information on where it grows.

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Sweet gale, known as bog myrtle in Scotland with the latin name Myrica gale, is used by home brewers and micro-breweries in Britain, EU countries, Americ, Canada and Australia. We pick bog myrtle from the wild at the peak of the season and dry it immediately. The level of impurity (grass and fern) is very very small. The leaves (and some seeds) are carefully dried on the twig, we strip and remove large twigs (greater than 5 cm), as sweet gale is a very twiggy shrub. We don't sell the essential oil.

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