Sweet Gale in folklore

Sweet Gale for making ale. History and folklore

 popularly bog myrtle
Sweet gale, known as bog myrtle in Scotland with the latin name Myrica gale, is commonly used by home brewers and micro-breweries in America and Canada, and increasingly in Britain. We pick bog myrtle from the wild at the peak of the season and dry it immediately. The level of impurity (grass and fern) is very very small. The leaves (and some seeds) are carefully dried on the twig, we strip and remove large twigs (greater than 5 cm), as bog myrtle is a very twiggy shrub.
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 Bog Myrtle sprig

This website is the start of a web project started in 2004.
It is a sister site to bogmyrtle.com which is the main site,
and myricagale.com for botanical information on where it grows.
It has been used traditionally as a midge, flea and
other insect repellent, our very popular midge repellent on the left.

It is also used in cooking for its flavour, and in traditional gruit ales
where it is used as a replacement for hops as a bittering agent.

 Bog Myrtle sprig
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